Jumpman Invitational: UNC Women vs. Michigan & Oklahoma Men's vs. Florida – Session 1 at Spectrum Center

Jumpman Invitational Tickets

Spectrum Center | Charlotte, North Carolina

Watching a top-quality basketball game is always great, but nothing feels quite like experiencing it live. Watching the action unfold right before your eyes and feeling the surge of energy from the audience can be electrifying! Genuine basketball enthusiasts can find the ultimate representation of this on Tuesday 20th December 2022, because the iconic Unc Women vs. Florida – Session 1 will hit the arena of the most renowned sports hall in Charlotte and the surroundings. Numerous local and traveling fans in the know are about to head down to Spectrum Center for a night of easy entertainment filled with wild dunks and breathtaking basketball performance! Grab the chance to take a front-row view of a world-class fixture that will make you jump off your seat and cheer on your favorite team from the beginning until the very end! Tell your basketball-loving peers, secure your tickets and dive into this crazy sports adventure you’ll be talking about for years!

If you don’t hurry and order tickets to see home games at Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, then you might miss out on unsurpassed basketball action this season. Critics and sportswriters are talking about how the 2022 roster may be the best that the home team has had in recent years. They are being led by a coach who is determined for success. If you want to see if the team can defend their turf from all comers, then you’ll have to come out to the stadium with intense games all season long! Don’t forget that the stadium is close to the heart of Charlotte, which means you are even around the corner from the best restaurants for pre-show dining. Visit Spectrum Center this year!

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